Friday, 27 May 2016

Mint Madness

Mint has been a popular colour trend for the past couple of years and always springs back around this time of year. I have been loving this trend a lot lately. Here are my top mint picks.

I think my obsession with mint started when I discovered the mint Fiat 500. I have recently passed my driving test (yaaaay) and I'm look at getting a car, this one is definitely top of my list, if I actually get it is another story, why must insurance by so expensive? *crying emoji*

I've been wanting a watch for a long time now but I'm not sure what to go for as big faces look silly on my wrists. I don't think this one looks too big and I love the seahorse. 

Bounce balls are so tasty and a good energy hit after a work out. 

I'm not one to usually go for colourful shoes like these Converse but I think they'd be perfect for Summer. 

Another *crying emoji* moment. Last night I went to buy this gorgeous mint mojito bag from Kate Spade in the sale after seeing it online during my lunch break. But when I went to buy it the bag was sold out! :( I bought the pink one instead though so I don't feel quite as bad! 

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous piece of Tiffany jewellery like this bracelet. 

I'm always on the hunt for pretty unusual kitchen bits. Love this Oliver Bonas bowl. 

I'm a bit last to the trend of Essie - Mint Candy Apple as this came out a few Summers ago. I was just never sure on this colour for nails, 

Lastly I couldn't finish this mint post without mentioning mint ice cream - one of my favourite flavours!

What trend are you loving at the moment? 


Sophie x

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Instagram Round Up - May

Instagram is easily my favourite social media platform. I love scrolling through my feed look at pretty pictures and getting inspiration! Recently I've really been loving posting pictures on Instagram so here is a round up of what I have posted in May. Remember you can follow me on Instagram here :) 

1. Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a road trip to House of Farnell. House of Farnell is a Danish Christmas shop but this year was the first time they were open in the Spring, selling lots of gorgeous Spring home wears.

2. Over the past few weeks I have noticed that the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom and I am loving seeing the pink flowers on every other tree on my walk to work.

3. These are flowers my mum bought me for my birthday which was on the 12th May. Peony are my favourite flower so I love when this time of year rolls round and can get them more easily.

4. On my birthday my boyfriend and I went to get cupcakes, my favourite was the lemon one. I love all things citrus.

5. This was my first attempt at making drunk bears with vodka and golden bears. They were good but so strong I could only eat a few.

6. My birthday evening was spent eating coconut and vanilla popcorn and reading Women's Health, not the most exciting way to spend the evening of your 23rd birthday but I enjoyed it (probably because I feel like I just turned 93 hahaha).

7. Recently I have been enjoying anything coconut. This is coconut yogurt with warm berries and nuts on top. I've had this for breakfast a few times, it's pretty tasty and healthy, bonus! Also adding some cinnamon on top is good too.

8. As it was my birthday I treated myself to some new gym clothes. This bra and leggings are both from Sweaty Betty. I love the colours so much! Mint is perfect for Spring/Summer as are the palm trees.

9. Lastly, how gorgeous was the sky one Spring evening? I love living up north as we are always guaranteed pretty pink sunsets in the evening.

What have you been Instagramming lately ?



Sophie x 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Summer Bucket List

As the weather is starting to heat up my thoughts turn to what I'll be up to this summer. I love summer time so much and always want to make the most out of the sunny days we have in Scotland as they don't come around often! This is going to be a list of things I hope to achieve this summer.

Go strawberry picking
Make strawberry jam with the strawberries
Get dressed up in a pretty summery dress and go for cocktails
Walk along the beach as much as possible
Go for ice cream (this one will be VERY easy haha)
Holiday to Cyprus in September
Drink more water - these bottles are great for drinking more
Make ice lollies
Buy peonies - my favourite flower
Go for a picnic
Learn something new to bake
Learn something new to cook
Spend as much time as possible in the sun
Go for a walk every lunch time at work.
Blog at least once a week. 
Get up early and watch the sunrise at the beach.
Colour Me Rad Fun Run
Collect sea shells
Summery DIY
Walk up Bennachie
Dine al fresco as much as possible 
Go to the cinema on days it's rainy
Road trip!
Plant some flowers/herbs for a windowsill garden

What are you looking for to the summer?


Sophie x

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Oliver Bonas Summer Picks

I've loved Oliver Bonas for a few years now and I always went to the shop when I was in Edinburgh as this was my closets store. So you can imagine my excitement when they recently opened a new store in Aberdeen. 

On Friday I spent a long time looking through everything and have decided I need everything haha. Below is a selection of the few things I am lusting after. I'll link everything where possible. 

I love these little heart shaped spoons, they'll add a little bit of colour to my morning coffee. 

Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with little bunnies. These Salt And Pepper Rabbits will definitely be added to my kitchen. 

How cute is this Tiny Turtle Cord Silver Bracelet? I thought it was turtly awesome! See what I did there? Haha 

I love this Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley because everyone needs a drinks trolley, right?! 

Beatrix Milk Jug is a cute mix of vintage and modern and I think it's a cute summer addition to your afternoon tea. 

Love this Set Of Tumblers great for adding an injection of colour into your kitchen. 

I thought these Heart Shaped Bowls bowls would be perfect for taking foodie Instagram photos. 

At least once a year I replace my make up bag as even though I try to keep it clean it always seems to get make up all over it. This Flamingo Sketch Make Up Bag will be the perfect addition to my handbag. 

Lastly I love these Coral Bamboo Bowl for little trinkets or for using in the kitchen. 

What are your favourite picks? 

Lots of Love,

Sophie x