Sunday, 10 January 2016

City Break Packing List

I love city breaks! I love exploring cities and experiencing new cultures. Today I am going to share with you my must haves for a city break. This is post was prompted by my Boyfriend and I booking a get away to Copenhagen at the end of April - can't wait!

Passport, money, boarding pass - These first things are the most important! 

Comfortable walking shoes - My shoe choice would either be Converse or Vans that have been broken in! I once made the mistake of taking a brand new pair - bad move! 

Sunglasses - I have super sensitive eyes so always have my sunglasses with me. Also they are pretty and instantly make an outfit look more stylish. 

Scarf/Pashmina - I always take a pashmina wherever I go away, even if it's to a hot country. They are great to use as a blanket on the plane, around your shoulders on a chilly evening or just to jazz up an outfit. I try to take one that will go with all my outfits. 

Travel size toiletries - For years now all liquids in hand luggage have to be under 100ml and fit into a small clear bag. I always make sure I buy travel sizes before going away or small bottles you can decant into as I like to just take hand luggage when going away for a few days - gets you out the airport quicker and starting your holiday - no hanging around a conveyor belt! 

First aid kit - You don't need lots of thinks just some painkillers, plasters and something for an upset stomach. 

These are the main things I think about packing first, then I pack more of the boring things like underwear, pants, socks and my actual clothes! 

Are you visiting a city or been anywhere recently? What are your essentials?

Lots of Love, 


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