Thursday, 7 January 2016

January Wish List

Today's post is a little collage of all the things I am lusting after at the moment. 

To start with are these super cute short bunny pyjamas form Primark. They are so cute and I always love getting new pyjamas. 

I tried a sample of Dark Angels from Lush a few months ago and loved it - my skin felt really clean after using it! 

I've been thinking about getting one of these boyfriend style watches for ages now but still haven't taken the plunge! This rose gold one from Fossil is gorgeous but I'm still undecided if I want rose gold or silver, decisions... 

Paris has got to be one of my favourite cities ever so when I saw these cute little necklaces I knew I had to have one! I bought my Paris Skyline Necklace the other day in rose gold and it was dispatched today, can't wait for it to arrive! 

Isn't she a beauty?! I'm such a sucker for designer handbags - I just can't help it! Next on my list is this Alexander Wang Rockie Bag with rose gold hardware (are you spotting a trend here?). 

With Valentines Day looming ever closer I thought Essie - Lovie Dovie would be perfect for the upcoming season. 

If you have ever lusted after the Too Faced Leopard Bronzer but didn't want to fork out £25 the Pro Glow Purr by Freedom is the answer. With a price tag of £3.50 it'd be rude not to! 

Now that Christmas is over I am sure I am not alone when I say that booking a holiday is top of my "To Do List". I love getting new sunglasses for going away - these Pink Aviator Ray Ban Sunglasses are beautiful! I may pick them up at the airport. 

Lastly are these pair of Hunter Wellies in Thundercloud. Currently I have a pair of pink Hunters that I got for my 18th birthday. They are looking a little tired now so need to replace them. They are a little pricey for wellies but my current ones have lasted me five year so definitely worth the money! 

What are you currently lusting after?

Lots of Love, 

Sophie x 


  1. Those aviators are glorious!

  2. I love Essie nail polish, particularly if it is pink!


  3. I've only tried a few Essie polishes but plan on getting this one to had to my small collection. Sophie xx