Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Fifteen Festive Questions Tag

1. Favourite Christmas smell/scent?

Every year since I can remember my mum has bought Mandarin, Clove and Cinnamon room spray from M&S which I love but nothing can beat the smell of Christmas dinner cooking.

2. Gingerbread or Candy Canes?

Gingerbread. I prefer the look of candy canes - they are so cute! But I never eat them. 

3. Is your tree real or fake?

I kind of have two... My parents have a real tree and over at my Boyfriends we have a fake one, best of both worlds!

4. Quality Street or Roses? 

Quality Street every time - they just seem more Christmassy to me! The coloured wrappers remind me of colourful fairy lights and they taste better.

5. Do you dress up or down for December 25th?

On Christmas day I have always dressed up any excuses to wear a sparkly dress (not that I need an excuse). 

6. Do you have any specific festive traditions?

When myself and my two brothers were younger we would get to buy a new Christmas decoration for the tree every year. Now I am older I have started buying my own decorations which I put on the tree over at my Boyfriends. We also always go to Church on Christmas Eve and then have mulled wine and mice pies when we get back. 

7. Any embarrassing Christmas moments that come to mind?

I can't think of anything embarrassing moments but I am sure there are plenty that I have chosen to "forget" about. 

8. Do you wake up early or late on Christmas morning?

Every other day of the year I am certainly not a morning person but Christmas morning is much different! I always wake up early super excited to see what Santa has left in my stocking. 

9. If you had a stocking where did you hang them?

I still have a stocking - I think it's the best bit! We put them on the sofa in our space we sit in. 

10. Favourite festive film/s?

My all time favourite film is Love Actually but I also love watching The Snowman and also The Snowman and The Snowdog - so cute! I also love watching all the Christmas specials that are on TV I especially can't wait for Dr Who and Downton Abbey. 

11. Was there a present you always wanted but never received? 

I don't remember not ever receiving anything on my Santa Letter, apart from maybe a pony.

12. What was the best gift you received as a child? 

I was about 8 years old and I desperately wanted a Baby Annabell and a micro scooter (remember those?!). Mum told me I had to pick one because there was lots of boys and girls Santa had to give to! I never could decide on one but come Christmas morning I received both! I was so happy! 

13. What is on top of your Christmas tree?

On the top of my parents tree we have a fairy and on the top of my boyfriends tree we have a sparkly gold star.

14. Favourite festive food?

Every Christmas, even at the age of 22 I'll start to attack some of my sweeties but my favourite festive food has to be Christmas dinner, especially skirlie which is Scottish but it's similar to stuffing. 

15. Favourite festive activity?

After we've had Christmas dinner we play a game, each year it's a different game but it's always great fun. 

Lots of Love, 

Sophie x 

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